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ProMerchant has an immense amount of experience in electronic payment processing. The operators and directors of this company have been in the payments industry for decades, which allows ProMerchant to easily help its customers navigate through the processes of setting up a merchant account. Their overall expertise in payments is vast and they are always focused on their core mission, which is to provide transparent pricing structures and superior service and support to merchants of all sizes. Whether the business is retail, e-commerce, mail order/telephone order, or mobile, ProMerchant is able to offer the support necessary for high risk merchants.


ProMerchant has historically been primarily known for their excellence in low risk merchant services. This is evidenced by their commitment to providing business owners with very transparent, low pricing options and first-rate customer service. What is interesting is that ProMerchant is undeterred in their efforts to provide high risk merchants with reasonable pricing platforms as well. Pricing for hard to place merchants is usually very high and typically, there is little uniformity in the costs associated with high risk processing. Still, ProMerchant has leveraged their clout and contacts in the payments space, which has enabled them to partner with a wide array of high risk payment processing providers. This in turn allows ProMerchant to deliver some of the lowest rates available for hard to place merchants.


The service level of ProMerchant is top tier and they focus on providing the support that is expected and needed by today’s business owners. ProMerchant is very pro-active as well, since they often reach out to merchants to help assist in issues before the issues at hand become a problem. Again, because of ProMerchant’s high expertise in payments, they are able to support their clients in a very effective manner. And similar to the other highly rated companies on this review site, ProMerchant assigns an expert account specialist to all of their customers, which helps to eliminate those situations where a merchant needs a question answered, or an issue solved, and no one is there to help.

Businesses Served

ProMerchant is able to support a wide variety of high risk merchants, such as adult products, payday/short term loans, bad credit, seminars, tech support, insurance, travel, timeshares, health and diet supplements, credit repair, debt consolidation, CBD related products, and other hard to place business types. Based on their experience, ProMerchant can competently set up virtually any business type with processing capabilities. And as mentioned above, even though they are a main stay in low risk payments, their knowledge enables them to successfully decipher most issues that plague high risk processing.

Bottom Line

ProMerchant’s commitment to providing reasonable rates and first-tier customer support, is what separates them from the rest of the pack in high risk processing. Additionally, dealing with ProMerchant is a positive experience, especially when compared to the interactions that take place between merchants and most of ProMerchant’s competitors. And while ProMerchant may not specialize in high risk processing to the degree of our top pick (Flow Payments), their knowledge, relationships and overall expertise, places them near the very top of our picks.

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