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Flow Payments

Flow Payments, which was recently rated “Best for High-Risk Businesses” by Money.com, has a very advanced knowledge of all matters related to high risk payment processing. The owners of Flow Payments have a combined experience level of over 40 years in the payments industry and they have encountered and solved almost every situation facing today’s high risk merchants. Additionally, Flow Payments has the largest amount of partnerships with banks, processors, technology providers, and other processing entities, which allows them to provide accounts to even the highest risk level of merchants, which avoids the need for offshore processing. In an industry riddled with false and empty promises, Flow delivers answers and solutions to a degree previously unseen in this marketplace.

There are numerous challenges that face high risk merchants and some of the biggest hurdles are presented by complex and restrictive laws on the Federal and State levels. In turn, these restrictions have caused many traditional processing solutions to be untenable. Fortunately, Flow Payments has the ability to provide alternative solutions to their clients, such as E-Check and ACH Processing. As well, Flow has access to certain proprietary, hard to find products that are actually unavailable to most other providers, which truly separates Flow from their competitors.

Lowest Pricing Plans

If there is one, defining factor of high risk processing, it’s that most merchants are charged excessive and unreasonable pricing structures. Whether it takes the form of inflated discount rates, high transaction fees, enormous monthly charges, or outrageous cancellation fees and contract terms, hard to place merchants are being financially exploited in countless ways. What’s more, many providers make it virtually impossible for a merchant to accurately decipher all of the costs incurred on their account. This disturbing trend is also exacerbated by the fact that even well-meaning providers over charge their customers, due to their inability to access viable and reasonable processing solutions. As stated above, Flow Payments’ substantial number of unique partnerships allow them to provide the best rate structures and products, that provide the most efficient manner of payment processing possible.

Customer Service

Problems with high risk merchant processing are significant and commonplace, especially when it comes to service and support. Primary among these issues is that many merchants are unable to contact anyone even remotely helpful after their account is approved. Sign them up and move on, is the motto used by many providers. This trend is extremely problematic because many businesses can encounter a wide array of questions, once they start accepting electronic payments, and they need their questions answered immediately. Waiting days, or even weeks in some cases, is completely unacceptable. Flow Payments prides itself on placing each and every one of their clients with an expert payment processing specialist. These payment specialists stay with the merchant through the entire life of their account, which enables customers to have their questions answered right away, when they need it most. Flow Payments states that their service team is comprised of experts in the field of high risk processing, and in reality, they back up what they say. Flow’s customers are treated in a truly exceptional manner, especially compared to industry standards.

Businesses Served

From retail merchants to businesses that sell via the internet or telephone, Flow Payments is able to set up a merchant with the correct account and processing solution for their specific type of business. They support credit repair, payday loans, debt reduction, nutraceuticals, travel, tech support, CBD related products, seminars, insurance, or any other type of high risk business type, and they accomplish this very effectively. And as previously discussed, Flow Payments’ robust network of partners allows them to service even the most high risk, of high risk merchants. This ability cannot be overstated, since high risk credit card processing is significantly different from the standard low risk processing. With low risk businesses, finding the right rate and product is very straightforward. However, in the high risk arena, things are not so simple. Setting up a high risk merchant correctly, and in a format that doesn’t cause undue financial stress, takes a specific skill set and a distinct set of partners and solutions. For example, in the realm of low risk processing, most providers are able to set up hundreds of different types of businesses. However, with high risk processing, a one size fits all approach is simply not feasible. Most processors in high risk only service a limited number of business types and finding the right processor and processing solution can be very difficult. Only those providers with multiple processing relationships, across the entire spectrum of this industry, are able to efficiently service the majority of high risk merchants. And based on our research, Flow Payments leads the pack in this area, which is one of the main reasons why they are rated our number one payment processing provider for high risk merchants.

Bottom Line

Flow Payments is a very different type of high risk payment processing provider. They take their commitment to properly servicing merchants to a whole new level. This encompasses their practice of not gouging clients, while also providing unique and hard to find solutions, that actually save merchants money. Additionally, Flow’s ability to set up high risk merchants, that typically are unable to secure processing capabilities, is another factor that separates them from the rest of their competition. For these reasons, Flow Payments has certainly earned their position at the top of high risk payment processing.

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