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Rates, fees and processing solutions are the primary consideration for most merchants in the low risk processing arena. However, in the high risk credit card processing space, these components are important, but they are not the driving factor that determine the best provider. One of the most crucial elements, in choosing a payment processing provider for high risk merchant accounts, is the amount of partnerships they have. The reasoning behind this assertion is simple. Unlike the low risk space, the processors and banks in high risk, in almost all situations, accept only a handful of different categories of business types. As well, most of these processors and banks are very particular about who they partner with and they generally do not work with a high number of providers. In high risk, it is the providers who set business owners up with a processor, bank and their corresponding merchant accounts. Therefore, in order to find the best pricing structure, you first have to find a company that will actually approve your business for a merchant account. This can be extremely difficult is some cases, which is why finding a provider with a robust network of partnerships with various processors and banks is essential.

It is also very important to note there are a number of providers, in high risk payments, that state they handle the underwriting, loss prevention and actual processing of the merchant account. These types of claims are false and misleading in many situations. In reality, most providers simply facilitate the process of setting up a high risk merchant, which is accomplished through their network of banks and/or processors.

As mentioned above, pricing structures and hardware/software typically drive low risk merchant services, and there is usually room to negotiate the different terms connected with these processing agreements. In the high risk industry, processors and banks generally do not budge on their terms, except in very rare circumstances. Additionally, their accounts are usually connected with only one type of terminal/processing solution. Again, this is why it is extremely important for your business to work with a provider that will not only set you up with a legitimate merchant account and the correct type of processing solution, but will also place you with a processor or bank that will not gouge your business.

We know that the information contained in our site may come as a surprise to many business owners. We also understand that acquiring a merchant account for a business that is considered high risk can be very overwhelming. This is why was created. We strive to educate our visitors, while shedding light on the important elements associated with high risk processing.

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The core mission of is to provide unrivaled guidance for businesses interested in obtaining a high risk merchant account. We understand the distinct challenges that face merchants, who are considered high risk by payment processors, and we strive to deliver the information needed to successfully navigate this complicated industry.

At, we focus on informing our visitors of the most relevant elements related to high risk credit card processing, which can significantly diverge from the factors that control the low risk payments space. Hard to place merchants can face very unique hurdles and it’s our job to help business owners avoid the pitfalls that are encountered in this tricky arena.

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